Avatars of the CWE: Rampage roster can be found at: CWE Rampage Roster

  • William James
  • Osiris
  • Brandon Payne
  • Minion
  • Vlad Alucard
  • Rick Red
  • Eddy Introspect
  • Bag Guy Joe
  • DJ20
  • Crazy Lenny
  • The Machine
  • MYC
  • Jo Disney
  • Anthony Daniels
  • Genocide
  • Chris Psycho
  • Bobby Hall
  • Mr. Troupe
  • Luke Lawrence
  • Eric Draven
  • Prince Ali Baba
  • Remus
  • Alexander Knight
  • Cliffy the Nerd
  • Danny Richerdson
  • Jared Destroyer
  • Tyler Bradley

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