Avatars of the CWE: Shockwave Roster can be found at: CWE: Shockwave Roster

  • Adrian Kincade
  • Curtis Rivers
  • Briggz
  • Sylas Styles
  • Franics Dupree
  • Pinky the Love Monkey
  • Zack Attack
  • DJ Silva
  • Ace
  • The Mundo
  • "Groovy 1" Matt Rhoads
  • Christian Pryce
  • Markus Virtanen
  • Kenzo Yoshi
  • Jun Takayama
  • Thunder Ralston
  • StarMan
  • Abstract
  • El Great Puma
  • Taco Sanchez
  • Rei Gensei
  • Erik Rush
  • Corey White
  • Bee-Man

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