CWF Combat Results


Combat 3
• Johnny Mundo def Rob Van Dam, Rey Mysterio, Navaro, Manik & Hurricane Helms
• Pain def "Hardcore" Cody Rhodes 
• Caij w/ TJ Taiter def The Amazing Jess w/ The Marvelous LMac
• Tommy Wall def Alexander Rusev

Combat 2
• Rey Mysterio def Navaro
• The Misfit def New Jack 
• Manik def Hurricane Helms
• Silencio def Dom Swervington
• El Hombre del Chocolate def Alexander Rusev

Combat 1
• Alex Aries def Navaro
• New Jack def Pain
• Tatooed Warriors def Bestiality Boys
• Caij def Devin D. Dogg
• Tommy Wall def Wade Barrett


Combat 12
• Vito Samartino def Bobby Roode WCS Match
• Hart Foundation 2.0 def Sanada & Okada
• Low Ki def Chris Vega WCS Match

Combat 11

• Vito Sammartino def Chris Vega

• Wade Barrett and Alex Aries def The Time Splitters

• Sin Cara def Manik, Sanada, Thomas Thompson, Kip Stevens, and Scotty Too Hotty

Combat 10

• Rusev def Low Ki

Combat 9

• Chris Jericho def Kevin Steen

• High Flyin' Society def Usos

• Alex Aries def Kip Stevens, Bill Williamson, and Low Ki

Combat 8

• Caotico and Chris Jericho def Navaro and Wade Barrett

• Dylan Lopez def Jessie Godderz and Diego

• Jimmy Uso def Ethan Holmes, Robbie E, and Fernando

Combat 7

• Chris Jericho def Eddie Guerrero

• Low Ki and the Time Splitters def Jeff Hardy and The Usos

• Kip Stevens def Alex Aries in a Tables Match

Combat 6

CWF title match:  Wade Barrett def Caotico (New Champion)

CWF Tag Team title match: The Bromans def High Flyin' Society

• Sin Cara def Chris Vega, Abstract, Eddie Guerrero, Jack Evans, and John Morrison

• Pre-Show - Alex Aries def Kip Stevens

Combat 5
CWF title match:  CFW Champion Caotico def. Chris Jericho (New Champion)
• High Flyin' Society def CFW Tag Team champions Bromans (Non Title)
• Wade Barrett def Kevin Steen, Jeff Hardy, Navaro, Sanada, & RVD

Combat 4
• Caotico def. Navaro
• High Flyin' Society def Los Matadores
• Sanada def Chris Vega & John Morrison
• Pre-Show - Bill Williamson def Sin Cara

Combat 3
CWF Tag title match:  Bromans def Usos (New Champions)
• Reckless Kidd def Steve Sullivan
• Chris Jericho def Jeff Hardy
• Pre-Show - Tanahashi Hiroshi def Ben Copeland

Combat 2
• 'Chris Jericho def RVD
• Bromans def Los Matadores
• Jeff Hardy def Sanada

Combat 1
• Navaro def Wade Barrett
• The Usos def High Flyin' Society
• Caotico def Kevin Steen

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