Promotion DCW
Date Breaking Point
Venue DCW Arena
City Phoenix, AZ
Transmission Live
TV-sender Twitch
TV rating
Event reference
Special event details 1 hr episode
Previous episode Season 4 Episode 9
Next episode Season 4 Episode 10

The June 8th, 2016 Edition of DCW is a Professional wrestling E-FED show of the DCW's DCW brand, which will be Breaking Point at DCW's Arena.



(c) refers to the champion(s) heading into the match.
  • Luner (c) v Hunter for the DCW Title
  • Oliver Bisping v The Mexaperfect
  • Jay Taylor v Reece v Jager v Matt Rhoads
  • Jess Ruiz & Jessdow (c) v Dommeymel for the DCW Tag Team Title
  • DM West v Jeffrey
  • The Mundo (c) v Rob Dundee for the Middle Title

Other on-screen talentEdit

  • Sidney
  • A ref

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