Name From Finishing Move Titles Held
Big E Tampa, Florida The Ending
Blake Texas Spinning facebuster
Brent Starr
Carlos Indianapolis, Indiana Dead End
Cesaro Lucerne, Switzerland Neutralizer
Connor Rhodes Jacksonville Florida End of the road
Daniel Cage Dallas, Texas Beast Bite
Darren Young Miami, Florida Gutbuster
DM West
Drake Miles Iowa 4-UP
Finn Balor Ireland Coup de Grâce
Geordie Scotland
Jack Swagger Perry, Oklahoma Ankle Lock
Jay Money
Jess Jarrett Boston, Massachusetts Swanton Bomb
Jovanni Diaz Alllentown, Pennsylvania Swaft cutter Tag Champions x1 (Current)
Juan Diaz Alllentown, Pennsylvania Sawft drop Tag Champions x1 (Current)
Kofi Kingston Ghana, West Africa Trouble in Paradise
Luke Benward Columbus, Ohio Downward Cutter
Marvelous Monroe Hollywood, California Marvelous Buster
Mike Schaller JR Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Stunner  US Champion x1 (Current)
The Miz Cleveland, Ohio Skull-Crushing Finale
Murphy Melbourne, Australia Murphy's Law
Rob Dundee Scotland Sleeper Hold
Ryan Johnson
Ryback Las Vegas Shell Shock
Sami Zayn Canada Spike brainbuster
Titus O'Neil Live Oak, Florida Clash of the Titus
Tre Donavan Boston, Massachusetts The AA  LAW Champion x1 (Current) 
Tristan Knight Fort Wayne, Indiana End of Nights
Tyler Breeze Seasonal residence in Milan Beauty Shot
Tyson Kidd Calgary, Alberta, Canada Fisherman neckbreaker
Tre Savage Cleveland, Ohio
Wolf Coventry, England RKO
Xavier Woods Angel Grove, California Lost in the Woods

Women's roster

Name From Finishing Move Titles Held
Alicia Fox
Charlotte Omega  Women's champion (Champion) 
Eva Marie
Nai Jax


Tag Teams & Stables

  • Cesaro & Kidd: Cesaro & Tyson Kidd
  • Prime time players: Darren Young & Titus O'Neil
  • The Realist Guys: Jo & Juan Diaz
  • The New Day: Big E & Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods
  • Blake & Murphy: Blake & Murphy
  • The Scots: Rob Dundee & Geordie
  • The X Factor: Connor Rhodes, Tyler Breeze & Ryan Johnson

On-air talent

General Managers

Name Notes
??? Season one

Broadcast team

Name Notes
Dave Easton Commentator for LAW 
Tim Price Colour Commentator for LAW 


LAW Superstars Results

Episode 1Episode 2Episode 3Episode 4Episode 5Episode 6Episode 7Episode 8Episode 9Episode 10

Superstars - Main Event - NXT
LAW Championships
Primary Championships LAW Championship - LAW Womens Championship
Secondary Championships United States Championship
Division Championships LAW Tag Team Championship - Other Accomplishments
NXT Championships NXT Championship - NXT TV Championship - NXT Tag Team Championship - NXT Womens Championship

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