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Current Champions

As of 13th September 2017


Championship Current Champion(s) Date Won Event Previous Champion(s) Days Held
RAW Championship Brock Lesnar 18th June SummerSlam 17 Roman Reigns 92+
European Champion Jess Okuerlund III  20th August   Royal Rumble 17 Vacant 29+
RAW Tag Team Titles The Decay 5th June RAW S5 E6 The Revival 105+
RAW Women Title Bayley 18th June  SummerSlam 17  Charlotte 92+


Championship Current Champion(s) Date Won Event Previous Champion(s) Days Held
Smackdown Championship Tristan Knight 23rd July  No Mercy  Dean Ambrose 57+
Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura 30th April  Over The Limit  Kevin Owens 141+
SD Tag Team Titles The Force 30th May SD S5 E5 American Alpha 111+
SD Women Title Alicia Fox 15th August SD S5 E17 Paige 36+


Championship Current Champion(s) Date Won Event Previous Champion(s) Days Held
NXT Championship Yuri Suzki  26th August   NXT S5 E18 Bryce Cole 23+
NSW USA Championship Gilberto 17th May Nitro S5 E5 Connor Rhodes 124+
NSW Internet Championship Brody Lee 12th August Nitro S5 E16 Curtis Barnett 37+
NXT Tag Team Championship Blake & Murphy 19th August  Takeover Brooklyn 17 The Connection 28+
NXT Women's Championship Summer Rae 9th July  Battleground  Kim Payne 71+

High Impact

Championship Current Champion(s) Date Won Event Previous Champion(s) Days Held
Cruiserweight Championship Tony Nese 23rd July No Mercy S5 Neville 57+
Cruiserweight Tag Team Championship Roman Empire 17th June Main Event S5 E9 A Dyer Strom 93+
Grand Championship Akira Tozawa 5th August  Live 205 S5 E15 Antonio Wilson 42+


Accomplishment Latest winner Event
Royal Rumble AJ Styles Royal Rumble 2017
Money in the Bank contract for the Smackdown World Championship Bobby Hall Money in the bank 17
Money in the Bank contract for the Cruiserweight Championship Sir Hugh Harrighton Money in the bank 17

Male Wrestler of the Month


Morgan Wolf (August 12, 1990) is an English professional wrestler. He is signed to RAW, He has been in NSW since Season one and has gone on to win the NXT Championship and the European championship, Morgan has always let his mouth do the talking as well as his wrestling just ask his ex MiniMorgan.

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Featured PPV

NSW Wrestlemania Poster 2017

Wrestlemania is the last PPV of season five for NSW on 08.10.2017

Female Wrestler of the Month


Charlotte Omega (October 13, 1987) is an American professional wrestler. She is signed to Smackdown and is manager for American Alpha.

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