Non Stop Wrestling
Acronym NSW
Establishment April 2013
Owner(s) Vince K McMundo
Staff Dave Easton, Mazz Freeway, Marky Marks and Tim Price.
Shows RAW, ECW, Smackdown & NXT

Welcome to the Non Stop Wrestling

The fed started on WWE'13 and for season 2 and 3 to WWE 2k14 on Xbox 360 and now for season four has moved to WWE 2K16 on Xbox One

Shows are broadcast on then uploaded to the YouTube account the next day.


The main roster appered on both shows until RAW episode 8 of season one where the draft made two rosters one for RAW and the other for Smackdown and the split started the following Smackdown. NXT roster will only be used on the NXT Show.

A draft is held every 8 weeks to make the shows fresh and NXT roster is also included in the draft.



NSW RAW was the first show and this was held on 29th April 2013. The first PPV was held on Sunday 19th May 2013 and was called Unforgiven, Season 1 came to a end with Wrestlemania being held on 3rd November 2013.

Season 2 started on 6th January 2014 if you would like your CAW on NXT please contact us on twitter just search NSW_360. your CAW must be on CC and has to be allowed to be reuploaded and also must be on XBOX 360.

Season 3 started on 5th January 2015 if you would like your CAW on NXT please contact us on twitter just search NSW_360. your CAW must be on CC and has to be allowed to be reuploaded and also must be on XBOX 360.

Season 4 started on 2nd May 2016.


Current Appearance Championship Current Champion(s) Date Won Event Previous Champion(s)
World title World Title Adrian Kincade 1st November Smackdown S4 E1 Zadlan
Non Stop Wrestling Zadlan 5th May RAW S4 E1 DM West
US TITLE US Title Bobby Hall 1st November Wrestlemania 3 MVP
European Championship European Title Lewis Bourne 5th May SD S4 E8
World tag team World Tag Team Titles The Crew 5th May Smackdown S4 E1 The New Gay
NSW Tag Team Titles The Hounds 20th December XMAS Canage One Sec


Accomplishment Latest winner Date Won
Royal Rumble DM West
Raw Money in the Bank contract for the NSW World Heavyweight Championship Matt Rhoads July 26, 2015
Smackdown Money in the Bank contract for the NSW Championship Danny Sixx March 24, 2015

Non Stop Wrestling
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