Season 1

Name Finishing Move Titles Held Reason for leaving
Ted DiBiase sr Million Dollar dream Released
The Hurricane Eye of the storm Released
Zack Starr Starr kick / Starr splash Left
Oshujax Creeping Death Tag Title x1, Money in the bank Left
Danny Jackpot The Cashout Tag Champion x1 Left
Rom All in Released
Bane Slam Down Hardcore title x1 Released
Sydney Poetic Justice Released
Ted DiBiase JR Dream Crusher NSW Tag Team Champion X1 Lost loser leaves match
Matt Walker Spear US Champion x1

N.W.O had to leave


Edgar The rack Hardcore Champion x1

N.W.O had to leave


Kevin Nash Jackknife Powerbomb Tag Team Champion x1

had to leave NSW

Jey Uso 450 Splash NSW Tag Team Champion x1 Released
Jimmy Uso 450 Splash NSW Tag Team Champion x1 Released
 Big Boss Man  Boss man slam NXT Champion x1

Hardcore Champion x1

Chavo Carter Carter bomb  NXT Tag Champion x1 Released
Alfronzo The waste Released
Hunico Falling Star NXT Tag Champion x1 Released
Adrian Phoenix Codebraker/ PKO European Champion x1 Released
Chuck Taylor Taylor End Released
Dustin Healy

Money in the bank x1

NSW Champion x1

Ken Shamrock Ankle Lock Released
Joe Harry Tip Top Released
The Fallen Fall out US champion X1 Released
Screwface Disfigure Hardcore champion X1 Released
Molly Holly  Axekick Released

Season 2

Name From Finishing Move Titles Held Reason for leaving
Wade Barrett Preston, England Wasteland Tag Team Champion x1 Released
R-Truth Charlotte, North Carolina Shut Up Released
Rob Van Dam Battle Creek, Michigan 5 star frog splash Hardcore Champion x1 Released
Chris Hero Dayton, Ohio Death Lock  NSW Tag Team Champion X1  Pink slip in case
Mark Russ Cleveland. Ohio Last Ride, Winds of change

Money in the bank x1 

Hardcore Champion x1

The Raider London, England Last Raid NXT Champion x2 Died
Corey Graves West Hollywood, California The Digger

European Champion x2

NSW Tag Team Champion X1

Chris Jericho Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Codebraker World Champion x1 Released
Jeff Hardy Cameron, North Carolina Swanton Bomb NSW Champion x2 Fired
J Khaifa Miami, Florida The Screwdriver NXT TV Champion x1 Released
Bad News Morgan Coventry, England The Bad News Released
Christian Toronto, Ontario, Canada Killswitch US Champion x2 Released
Goldberg Released
Bane Worcester, Massachusetts Book End NXT Tag Champion x1 Released
Big Show Tampa, Florida Chokeslam NSW Tag Team Champion X1 Released
Scott Steiner Detroit, Michigan Steiner Recliner

NSW Tag Team Champion x1

Hardcore Champion x1

Giant Limbo Limbo Giant cross

Hardcore Champion x1

NSW Tag Team Champion x1


Season 3

Name From Finishing Move Titles Held Reason for leaving
Petey Denmark Petey Slam Released
Mark Henry Silsbee, Texas Worlds strongest Slam Released
Edge Toronto, Ontario, Canada Spear World Champion x1 Released
Curtis Axel Champlin, Minnesota Perfect-Plex NSW Champion x1 Released
Rosie Fell Wales Women's Champion x1 Released
Hana Brightly Seattle, Washington Released
Randy Orton RKO Released
Fandango Boston, Massachusetts Swinging reverse STO European Champion X1 Released
Jimmy Havoc England Death Valley Driver NXT Tag Champion x1 Released
Alex Cass Baltimore, Maryland Cass Drop Released
Dave Littlewood Swinton Wood Released
Leo Kruger ECW Champion x1 Released
Rod Frost Boston Frost Out Released
Haldo O'Neil Spear NXT Champion x1 Released
CJ Cutler Austin, Texas Hangman's Facebuster Released
Josh Gallows England Released
BO Dallas Brooksville, Florida Belly to belly suplex NXT Tag Champion x2 Released
Aksana Released
AJ Lee Union City, New Jersey Shining wizard Women's Champion x4 Released
Ariel Parts Unknown Last Call NXT Women's Champion x1 Released
Destini Diamond Diamond Drop

Women's Champion x3 (Current)

Divas x2

NXT Women's Champion x2

Kaitlyn Houston, Texas Spear

Women's Champion x1

Megan Boston, Massachusetts knock out Women's Champion x1 Released
Sophia Starr Tampa Florida Snapmare Driver Divas Champion x1 Released

Season 4

Name From Finishing Move Titles Held Reason for leaving
Dustin Healy Massachusetts Healy Suplex

Hardcore Champion x1

NSW Champion x1

Choas Battle Creek, Michigan RKO Released
JC Pullins Cincinnati, Ohio Roundhouse kick NXT TV Champion x1 Released
The Sheep Sheep Shock Released
Geordie Scotland Released
Drake Miles Iowa 4-UP Released
Adam Rose Musha Cay, Bahamas Party Foul Released
Christian Toronto, Ontario, Canada Killswitch Released
Darren Young Miami, Florida Gutbuster World Tag Team Champion x1 Released
Dolph Ziggler Hollywood, Florida Zig Zag Released
Erick Rowan Snakebite, Florida Chokeslam Released
Jack Swagger Perry, Oklahoma Ankle Lock

European Champion x1 (Current)

NXT Tag Champion x2

Ryback Las Vegas Shell Shock

NSW Champion x1

European Champion x1

Hardcore Champion x2

Stardust The Fifth Dimension The Queen's Crossbow Released
The Miz Cleveland, Ohio Skull-Crushing Finale

World champion x1

European Champion x1

Titus O'Neil Live Oak, Florida Clash of the Titus World Tag Team Champion x1 Released
Tyson Kidd Calgary, Alberta, Canada Fisherman neckbreaker World Tag Team Champion x1

NXT TV Champion x1


Season 5

Name From Finishing Move Titles Held Reason for leaving
Austin Aries Milwaukee, Wisconsin Last Chancery Released
Austin Woodward London, England Royal Stunner Released
Erick Rowan Minneapolis, Minnesota Full nelson slam Released
Luke Harper Rochester, New York Discus Clothesline Released
The Machine Havana Cuba Released
Jared Shaw Belfast, Northen Ireland 450 Splash Released
Suicide Parts Unknown Suicide Solution Released
Lance Martini Left to run a male strip club
Crazy J Old Lyme, Connecticut Jump Start European Champion x1 Lost his loyalty
Thomas Starr Farm foods Starr Cutter

NXT Champion x1 

Internet champion x1

​TV Champion x1

Blake San Antonio, Texas Frog splash

USA Champion x1

NXT Tag Team Champion x3

Murphy Melbourne, Australia Murphy's Law

Nitro Champion x1

NXT Tag Team Champion x3 (Current)

Angélico  The Underground Superman Senton Released
Jack Evans Fountain Valley, California, 630° senton Released
Son of Havoc The Underground Death from Above Released
Rey Mysterio NXT Tag Team Champion x2 Released
Brandon Lees
Nikki Bella Scottsdale, Arizona Rack Attack/Ring My Bella NSW Womens Champions x1
Gabriel Kidd Nottingham, England Cruiserweight Tag Team Champion x1
Mark Andrews Cardiff, Wales Shooting star press
Danny Amorous The 80's
Johnny Charisma The 80's
Nick Parker Chicago

Season 6

Name From Finishing Move Titles Held Reason for leaving
The Viking Denmark Released
Lewis Bourne Leeds, England ​TV Champion x1 Released
Corey Shelly Released
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