One Night only: NSW title tournament
Promotion NSW
Venue Smackdown Arena
City Lots
Theme Song
Last Event First one
Next Event Tribute to the troops

The NSW tournament was a one night tournament was held to crown a new NSW champion after DM West left the company.


# Match Stipulations
Q-Finals B.G.Nelson def. Danny Sixx Singles Match
Q-Finals Seth Rollins def. Daniel Bryan Singles Match
Q-Finals Brock Lesnar def. Kevin Owens Singles Match
Q-Finals Tre Donavan def. The Mundo Singles Match


# Match Stipulations
Semi-Final Seth Rollins def. B.G.Nelson Singles Match
Semi-Final Tre Donavan def. Brock Lesnar Singles Match


# Match Stipulations
Final Seth Rollins def. Tre Donavan Ladder Match

Tournament Bracket


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