What is it? Edit

Powerplant is a development organization funded by Florida Water Wrestling. It was originally owned by former FWW Writer, Christian Rocque. It is currently owned by Mikey Cornette, and booked by his right hand man, Dom Sapolsky. On December 27th, 2015 they reached a deal with Florida Water Wrestling to be able to book internet exclusive matches every Wednesday on the Florida Water Wrestling Network. However due to tech issues Powerplant went to their old roots of touring and tournaments

Champions Edit

Championships Champion Previous Champion Date Won
Powerplant Heavyweight Champion Adam Cole (2) Blake Ross Mar 6th, 2016
Powerplant Tag Team Champions Wolves Decay Feb. 24th, 2016
Powerplant United States Champion Teddy Hart Bram Mar. 7th, 2016
Powerplant Women's Champion Sophia Starr Taeler Hendrix Dec. 29th, 2015
Powerplant King of the Mountain Champion Homer Boone Bobby Roode Mar. 9th, 2016

Other AccomplishmentsEdit

Awards Recent Winner
Powerplant Top Prospect Tournament Champion AJ West
Tokyo Grand Prix Tournament Champion Baron Corbin


Click Roster to see the roster page.

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