The World Championship was introduced with the brand split, following the resurrection of RFPW end-november, and will be an active title after the first Championship match at the RFPW Supershow of 27 November, 2014.

Title ReignsEdit

Name Date of Change Show of Change Days Reign
Jeffry Schoenmakers 27 November, 2014 RFPW Supershow 1

Raging Falcon Pro Wrestling
Current Shows Monday: Fight Night
Wednesday: Main Event
Thursday: Women's Night Out
Friday: Boom
Season 4 PPV's RFPW Hellish Judgement [J] - RFPW Pain Crusade [J]
Raging Falcon Pro Wrestling Championships
Primary Championships Raging Falcon Pro Wrestling Championship
World Championship
Secondary Championships European Championship
Dutch Championship
Division Championships Women's Championship
Tag Team Championship
Glamazons' Championship
Legend [J] Joint PPV - [FN] Fight Night PPV - [B] Boom PPV

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